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“… encouraging the expression of any students’ particulars …”

“I’ve practiced during Christopher Lembke’s Monday psychonetry sessions, and had the pleasure to receive Persuaders, ie. enough confirmation of my perception’s accuracy to continue work in this field. Christopher shares benefits of sustained exploration in a relaxed atmosphere encouraging the expression of any students’ particulars : having polished the breadth in his interests, from recognizing multiple sensory modalities within training partners to fomenting further self development in alchemy.

His personal healing practice demonstrates before-after photo effects as additional persuaders to his clients feeling noticibly better.

Christopher’s purpose is to share learnings and encourage self discovery through many mediums with most welcome participants of diverse horizons.” – Sean


“… a very nonjudgmental space for learning”

“What I love about Christopher’s psychometry training is that he hold a very nonjudgmental space for learning. He explains how to interpret our own unique psychic language which I think is so important because our psychic senses are not “one size fits all”.
If you are looking for someone to help you develop your unique gifts, I would recommend Christopher.” – Cypress Willett

Cypress Willett

“Huge leap in my chakra clearing!”

A big thank you to Barbie and Christopher for greatly enhancing my journey in MindValley and life.  So beyond blessed for your skills and insight.  Huge leap in my chakra clearing!  MindValley has been the door through which I’ve grown exponentially. Treena Reynolds

Treena Reynolds

“I felt love and peace, and a strong sense of gratitude during and after the session.”

After the energy clearing session with Barbie and Christopher, my head felt warm and light as if I wasn’t under the control of gravity. Before the session, the back of my neck and shoulder were so stiff that I wasn’t even able to tilt my head backwards. But during the session I felt something lifted from my head, neck and shoulder, and felt really nice. While Christopher held the space, Barbie filled me with beautiful shiny light from above (I didn’t see it but felt it). She said there were three hitchhikers on my neck, and she sent them back to light. She also helped me release the guilt I was holding towards my dad. I felt love and peace, and a strong sense of gratitude during and after the session. I just couldn’t help smiling afterwards. Thank you Barbie and Christopher for your sincere service to humanity.

Noriko Matsubara

“The session was very intense and healing for me.”

“Barbie and Christopher gave me confidence and positive energy. Their high vibes and valuable interventions gave me clarity and helped me to increase my level of performance and flow. The session was very intense and healing for me.” Sebastian Werner

Sebastian Werner

“The end result being me stood here today holding my beautiful bump …”

After two failed embryo transfers my positivity and energy levels were low. I had another embryo transfer approaching and felt a need for help. Enter stage left – Christopher and Barbie. They supported me and worked with me to carry out two energy clearings. The first was just before my embryo transfer and the second after to support the early implantation. There were some blockages that I was aware of and some that were new to me. The journey to clearing them had always felt too overwhelming and daunting. However, with the maternal and paternal guidance offered by Christopher and Barbie felt like I was being held physically, emotionally and energetically. They confidently and kindly guided me through each clearing – an experience that changed my very being on many levels. The end result being me stood here today holding my beautiful bump safe in the knowledge that the energy that surrounds me supports both of us. Thank you so much Barbie and Christopher for being an important part of my journey. [A baby girl was born in December 2021 (update)] – Samantha da Silva

Samantha da Silva

“… I felt a release and a new lightness, the weight had been removed… “

Barbie and Christopher are extremely powerful channels for healing. Before going into the clearing session with them, everything felt heavy and as if the weight of the world was on my shoulders. After the clearing I felt a release and a new lightness, the weight had been removed and I was able to connect with the highest version of myself. As a team working together they are dynamic – Brenda Bryson

Brenda Bryson