After two failed embryo transfers my positivity and energy levels were low. I had another embryo transfer approaching and felt a need for help. Enter stage left – Christopher and Barbie. They supported me and worked with me to carry out two energy clearings. The first was just before my embryo transfer and the second after to support the early implantation. There were some blockages that I was aware of and some that were new to me. The journey to clearing them had always felt too overwhelming and daunting. However, with the maternal and paternal guidance offered by Christopher and Barbie felt like I was being held physically, emotionally and energetically. They confidently and kindly guided me through each clearing – an experience that changed my very being on many levels. The end result being me stood here today holding my beautiful bump safe in the knowledge that the energy that surrounds me supports both of us. Thank you so much Barbie and Christopher for being an important part of my journey. [A baby girl was born in December 2021 (update)] – Samantha da Silva