Working With Energy

From the simple to the seemingly impossible, our bodies are 99% subtle energy that can be managed for your benefit.


Our purpose is to help raise the vibrational frequency of the world and at the Amethyst Chamber we hold very high vibrational freqencies giving you the optimal opportunity to discover healing within yourself. We offer Soulprint Energy Clearing sessions, courses, teachings and coaching. We are a collaborative collective, so you will find that we offer our own services as well as the collaborative ones.

Any of our healers come with their own skills and abilities, but our commonality, and prerequisite, is that we all seek to becoming the optimal versions of ourselves and being role models in our networks and communities.


“Healing begins within each person at the energetic level. The best treatment is to prevent disease through a balanced lifestyle and creating a harmonious free flow of energy through ones body.”

🚦I spent 25 years in mostly entrepreneurial positions connecting and interacting with stakeholders. Those experiences serve me well in my current pursuits that started taking form in 2016.

💫Moving deeper into the human experience and exploring how I could use my experience, skills and knowledge to serve humanity,

❤I started coaching people and businesses on finding their passion, as well as sharing my own discoveries and forays into deep consciousness.

😇This evolution would have been for nought if I hadn’t accepted the challenge to also mature and grow personally.

🧘‍♂️Spiritual and personal evolution go hand in hand, but one must choose to pursue them individually, and on this journey I has developed unique perspectives to the human experience that I now teach and share with many as many people that resonate with it.

❓People come to me for personal and spiritual guidance and coaching, business coaching and consulting, energy healing and meditation exploration.

🕉My words come from deep within and find their ways into the depth of souls to heal, sooth, awaken and/or activate.

🦸‍♂️I have been called to a global stage to share my teachings and wisdom. Get ready for your paradigm shift and allow me to elevate your life.

International Best You speaker going from side to the Main stage in 6 months based on fan feedback and 25 years of speaking engagements!

A recent 2021 graduate of Vishen Lakhiani’s exclusive MindValley Premium Coaching, published author, helping others manifest their dreams with her unique intuitive healing abilities.

She uses her degree from the world famous University of Santa Monica and participated in their Cannes film festival winning documentary as a counselor to women serving life sentences in Chowchilla, California on “The Prison Project” , based on Viktor Frankl’s work.

Luckily, being intuitive she completed over 60 MindValley quests to help businesses and individuals to reanimate their dreams, fall in love with themselves, and become the VIP of their own lives!

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I welcome you to make contact with me prior to committing and we will figure out what specific assistance I can give you to ensure maximised results.