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Science today points toward the existence of a collective field of subtle energy, that emanates from us individually. With our collective low awareness of this energy we are therefore also unaware that the energy we hold contributes towards the frequency of our planet. According to the Hawkin’s Scale, collectively, we are currently vibrating at around 200 – 250, i.e. “getting by”. We aren’t in flow, nor thriving. In order to take the next evolutionary step as human kind and to exist in harmony with the planet and all sentient beings, we should strive to elevate the collective frequency above 500.

This is where “The Infinity Life” comes in, we are a grass roots movement helping the collective to raise its frequency, one person at the time, by simply raising our individual frequencies. And you don’t have to have magic powers to do it. Click the button below to find out more

“Advancing Psychometry” Membership

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Working with intuition and energy is a practice that requires continuity and dedication, you don’t simply take a class and become an expert. This membership is meant to give you opportunities to work with your energy on a more regular basis with some accountability. We use Psychometry to develop our intuition and sensitivity to subtle energies.

“… encouraging the expression of any students’ particulars …”

“I’ve practiced during Christopher Lembke’s Monday psychonetry sessions, and had the pleasure to receive Persuaders, ie. enough confirmation of my perception’s accuracy to continue work in this field. Christopher shares benefits of sustained exploration in a relaxed atmosphere encouraging the expression of any students’ particulars : having polished the breadth in his interests, from recognizing… Read more ““… encouraging the expression of any students’ particulars …””


“… a very nonjudgmental space for learning”

“What I love about Christopher’s psychometry training is that he hold a very nonjudgmental space for learning. He explains how to interpret our own unique psychic language which I think is so important because our psychic senses are not “one size fits all”.
If you are looking for someone to help you develop your… Read more ““… a very nonjudgmental space for learning””

Cypress Willett