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Unconditional Forgiveness – Take That Bitter Medicine


You deserve to heal, but the medicine of unconditional forgiveness can be tough to swallow Unconditional forgiveness is one of the more challenging lessons I've come up against. "How do you forgive someone who has committed the most horrid acts against you?", your ego might ask. I would switch it around to [...]

Unconditional Forgiveness – Take That Bitter Medicine2018-02-16T17:54:05+00:00

Healing Permission – The First Step In Healing


Healing will not take place unless you permit it Healing permission is the first and most important step on any journey of healing; you cannot progress without giving it, or, for that matter, for a healer to channel healing to receiving it.  This seemingly easy step could be the most challenging to some [...]

Healing Permission – The First Step In Healing2018-02-04T15:50:23+00:00

Complementary Healing – The Results Are the Sum of Your Efforts


Complementary healing is bringing together different modalities to the treat every aspect of You. You will find that throughout this website I talk about 'complementary healing'. This of course is not a reference to 'free' or 'no charge', but rather the definition 'in addition to'. I have a legal obligation to state it, [...]

Complementary Healing – The Results Are the Sum of Your Efforts2018-10-26T14:42:39+01:00

Self-Healing – Do You Have Time For That?


When will you have time with self-healing?   One of the reoccurring topics that have come back to me again and again the second half of 2016 has been ‘time for self-healing’. Before I 'got into' healing I would always come up with excuses to why I wasn’t going to the gym, [...]

Self-Healing – Do You Have Time For That?2018-10-18T13:34:28+01:00

Energy Healing – The real deal or placebo?


Does it matter if the placebo effect or energy healing is the key to healing? The most common comment I get from people, both new clients and others, is the consideration that it might be the placebo effect that is doing the healing. As the movie quote goes "Frankly my dear, I [...]

Energy Healing – The real deal or placebo?2018-10-18T13:34:50+01:00

Feeling the Abundance Yet?


Feel the Abundance in every aspect of your life. Wake up and feel the abundance! Most of my profound ideas and creative flow come in the shower of all places. So, there I am, in the shower, this morning lathering my hair with a shampoo that hopefully will reverse the worrying rate [...]

Feeling the Abundance Yet?2018-10-18T13:35:21+01:00

Fractals – How To Put Everything Into Perspective


A different take and application of the concept of fractals Fractals, I had never heard of the concept before venturing on to my healing path, but then again there was a lot I was blind to :-). Thinking back to my science, philosophy and psychology classes in school, I detested them! Yet, here [...]

Fractals – How To Put Everything Into Perspective2018-10-18T13:36:25+01:00

Distance Energy Healing – How Does It work?


Can distance energy healing really be effective? Distance energy healing is on of those subjects that really baffles people, myself as a practitioner included! Most clients I come into contact with accept energy healing as a complimentary healing modality that has validity. All my clients happen to be in different countries from [...]

Distance Energy Healing – How Does It work?2018-10-18T13:37:21+01:00

The Four Agreements – A Must Read


The Four Agreements will give you a simple guide to start building a balanced and harmonious environment When I first ventured down my healing path, two books were recommended to me; The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz and Infinite Possibilities by Mike Dooley. I read Infinite possibilities right away and it really [...]

The Four Agreements – A Must Read2018-10-18T13:39:43+01:00


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